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Vengeance Teaser
Synopsis: After the death of Maria (his Pregnant girlfriend), Nicholas, in pursuit of James (the killer), finally encounters him coincidentally, and decides to avenge Maria.

Mission Statement: The vision of the film shows a scenario of how conflict can be developed and resolved without violence. Nowadays there are alot of illogical and unnecessary development of violence that escalates quickly into, not thought about, endings that still haven’t really resolve the conflict in the first place. This is what motivated this short. The beginning of the film demonstrates how people see fit to handle a situation, with revenge and payback, but in truth, fire can’t be fought with fire, so another channel to resolve conflict is necessary, which is shown at the end of the film.

Director: Delano Samuels

Producer: Marsha Levy

Director of Picture: Fernando Ceballos / Tyrrice Taylor

Camera Operator: Jonathan Bedard